Is A Managed Portfolio Right For You?

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Is A Managed Portfolio Right For You?

Do you lack the time or expertise to build a well-diversified portfolio that meets your long-term goals? Would you like professional help with your investment decisions?

Consider a managed portfolio

This is a professionally designed and managed investment portfolio that can include a mix of investments and separately managed accounts (SMAs) tailored to an investor’s risk profile. One managed portfolio, for example, may be designed for investors with a short investing horizon and thus a low risk tolerance, while another may be geared toward investors with a long investing horizon. Yet another portfolio may be somewhere in the middle.

How Managed Portfolios Work

These portfolios are typically overseen by investment professionals who make asset allocation decisions and must adhere to the perdetermined allocation targets for each portfolio. The committee may have the ability to veer slightly off target in order to address the current investing or economic climate, but they generally must keep the allocation of each portfolio within a fairly close range of its target investment mix. The portfolios are typically rebalanced regularly or whenever they veer too far from their target due to market performance.

In exchange for professional management and oversight, investors typically pay a set annual fee based on the account balance they have in the portfolio. However, in certain programs, often called “wrap accounts,” they don’t pay trading costs separately as they would with a typical brokerage account.

Why Managed Portfolios Make Sense

For investors who prefer a hands-off investment plan guided by professionals, a managed portfolio may be the right choice. You select a portfolio specifically designed for your risk tolerance level, but you don’t have to spend time researching and selecting individual investments or rebalancing your assets. Investment professionals handle everything.

Fund expenses can be another benefit. Managed portfolios often have access to fund share classes generally unavailable to mainstream investors. These share classes—typically reserved for people who invest, say, more than $1 million in the fund—charge lower fees than regular share classes. Those savings are passed along to the portfolio’s investors.

Making the Right Choice

While managed portfolios make sense for many investors, they’re not for everyone. Some investors may prefer to design their own portfolio and play a more active role in managing their portfolio. A managed account may also not make sense for investors who are completely risk averse and thus prefer savings options. Even when invested conservatively, managed accounts are not insured or guaranteed from loss.

An advisor from BOK Financial Advisors can discuss your long-term investing goals and objectives and help you create a portfolio that meets your needs. If a managed portfolio is the right fit, your advisor can help direct you to a portfolio that matches your risk profile.


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